Are Small Companies Missing Out on Branding?

Every day we talk to established local Vancouver businesses to find out what their brand image does for them. We quickly found that we can categorize them into two different groups. The ones with an established brand strategy and the ones who don’t. We noticed that the ones without the brand concept are the companies who are getting replaced with young companies that tell a story. Marketing experts suggest to all small business owners to be consistent with their brand, i.e. a logo and marketing materials such as flyers, email headers, website design and business cards.


What can a professional branding concept do for your small business?


It conveys that you are established.

A logo and professionally-printed materials show that you are committed to both your business’s success and your clients. It shows your audience that you know what you’re doing.


Attract more clients.

Most clients who look for a company who is well defined. The “look and feel” of the companies they do business with is usually one of their main criteria before making a purchasing decision.


Increases your credibility.

A logo and matching web design makes you look experienced and professional. It goes a long way towards making your business appear credible and taken seriously.


It sets you apart.

Your brand conveys your story. A memorable story puts you ahead of all the competition who don’t differentiate from each other. It gives your audience a chance to get to know who you are and what you stand for.



Get in touch with Lycos Creative to get a free branding strategy consultation. We’ll help you get on the right path to developing your brand concept.


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